Our Origins

We would like to welcome you and show you a local and unique offer from a small establishment in the heart of the town of San Antonio, managed by an Ibicencan family.

We are motivated to improve every day, that is why we have completely renovated our apartments and we wish to continue to be a reference point for small, authentic and charming accommodation in our town.
Our doors are open to welcome travellers from all over the world who, like you, want a good treatment close, familiar and enjoy the island of Ibiza in a unique way.
A family business is not easy to manage and although we are aware that following in the footsteps of our parents is a challenge, this is our dream.
This is the family: Pilar and her brother Ritu and their children, Sofia and Toni.
Although we can’t forget you, our parents, or grandparents in their case, who are
people who have believed in us from the very beginning and have given us the opportunity to continue and have given us the opportunity to continue with the family business, which is currently totally renovated and betting on a unique and special space.
In 1960 in this same place our parents, or grandparents, Rita and Antonio,
opened a grocer’s shop, which was later converted into a bar-restaurant,
with the arrival of the first tourists in the summer, they decided to build a few rooms. That was also a winter residence for those workers who were away from home, up to the present day, which is the nowadays it is the Apartamentos RITA.


Around Rita Apartments

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Sant Antoni de Portmany

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Santa Agnés de Corona

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Sant Mateu d'Abarca

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Sant Rafel de sa Creu